Zombie Costume Are Trending & Popular Choice For Halloween

Recently Zombies are a hot trend and a popular choice for Halloween costumes. The zombie costumes were reasonably simple to create, and also provides you don’t go into any deep makeup effects. Zombie costumes are very accessible & purely developed on the creator’s imagination.

Ultimate Use of Zombie Costumes  


Zombie Costumes

DIY tutorial for zombifying the clothes and appearance was mainly aimed to provide the looks which are suitable for Halloween, parties, homemade movies, zombie walks/races etc.

DIY Zombie Costumes Steps  

If you wish to make a DIY Zombie costume fast with cheap you need to follow some of the steps:
• Initially buy a white t-shirt or an old white t-shirt which you can cut it and also you need to paint it.
• It will be best if the size of t-shirt was too big for you.
• Then you need to take a brush and some paint and spread it on the t-shirt.
• Before painting you have to place some old newspapers under the t- shirt, because the paint does not stick on the floor or table.
• Now you can make some of your hand prints or footprints on the t-shirt in order to look scary.
• After the coloring take scissors and do some small holes in the t-shirt, the holes should not be too big.
• You can put some of the soil or plaster on the DIY Zombie costume, because it will looks like you have just got out of a grave.
• For the bottom ware you can do the same thing which you have done for the t-shirt with some old and used tights or trousers. Rip some hole and make it look very dirty and spray some red color to look bloody. Then your DIY zombie costume was ready.

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