Why Convert a Shuttle Bus into a Mobile Home?

If you are a DIY type of person, who does not like to have things straight out-of-the-box, you will just love to own a custom-made RV that you have created from the scratch. Welcome to the elite club of RV-owners, who ditched brand-new, factory-fresh models for converted RVs. In fact, ‘bus conversion for sale’ is a hot search item on the listing sites these days. From seasoned travelers to youngsters exploring frugal lifestyle options, many people today find the idea of creating a home-on-wheel from the scratch extremely exciting. Of course, the latest models of recreational vehicles are reliable and well-equipped to support your mobile life. However, you can’t deny that mass-produced coaches lack that all important personal flair that you might need to meet your unique travel style. On the other hand, for a significantly less capital, you can convert a shuttle bus into an RV that is very unique and very you.


When it comes to bus conversion, you can choose from many different types of buses. Considering that bigger is not always better, shuttle buses (the medium-size coaches commonly found in the places like university campuses and international airports, offering brief, to-and-fro rides between two specific points) make a good option for those who want to keep their restoration projects under control, both in terms of scale of work and budget.


Think of those 102 feet wide, tall-ceiling passenger buses. They do not make good candidates for bus conversion. Why? These heavy vehicles become even heavier (and therefore more difficult to drive) as you add features to these models. If you are planning to travel frequently and extensively, these units don’t make a very practical option for you. They may give you more floor space, but you will face troubles with regard to maneuverability.

On the other hand, with their 96 feet wide bodies, the shuttle buses are comparatively comfortable to maneuver. They cost less and are also low on maintenance. The ‘cutaway’ chassis of a shuttle bus allows for a better load distribution and lets you better handle weight issues as you keep on installing furniture and household items in your new coach.


When it comes to converting a bus into a mobile living space, always have a game plan ready.

Going forward, you may require replacing some of the mechanical parts to ensure better performance. While it is easy to obtain parts for all the renowned brands from bus supply stores, licensed dealers, and even eBay, it may not be that easy to procure parts for lesser known brands, or models that have gone out of production only after a couple of seasons. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for popular brands of shuttle buses.

Take a test drive before you buy a bus for conversion. It is important even if you have driven an RV before because driving a bus is a different ballgame altogether. Take your time to get behind the wheel to check the acceleration, steering and braking. This will enable you to safely drive the vehicle later. You will also get a better idea of how much fuel mileage you are likely to get from the unit.

If you look at them from an investment perspective, bus conversions make a better choice than their brand-new counterparts. As far as buses are concerned, depreciation takes place at a considerably low pace, even after their 10th birthday. This is because, most of the new models are exorbitantly priced, and they start to depreciate as soon as they hit the road. On the other hand, buy a five-year-old shuttle bus and you will still be able to sell it for the purchase price after five years of extensive use.

If you are considering the purchase of a bus conversion for sale, take help from a professional in assessing your needs, finding the suitable bus, and examining its condition. Converting a bus into a cozy living space can be challenging, but if you research your options well you will find the undertaking extremely rewarding.

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