The one feature that has continued the legacy of Samsung Galaxy is the large display of the S9 alongside minimal footprint. Since Samsung was doing the rounds of news for improving its display fidelity, its new AMOLED screen has not taken aback people. Samsung Galaxy S9 has become the first smartphone of Samsung which will brag off AMOLED screen called as ‘sunflower’.

Questions with respect to increase in display size have not been answered but Infinity Display remains on focal point of flagship of Samsung. It will be launched on Android O and will also have TouchWiz software of Samsung with refined and robust version. Galaxy S9 will make a debut with inherent Snapdragon 845 processor. The processor will be manufactured by Samsung in tow with Qualcomm based on 2nd generation 10nm technology.



The digits of 4GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage will see a hike in new model. However any kind of augmentation in the batter capacity is in the offing or not will become known only when the model hits the market. But it is expected that software and processor performance will improve even if the battery capacity remains unaltered. USB Type C is there for sure in S9. But apprehension regarding 3.5mm headphone jack are there until the launch.


The feature that S8 was lacking: dual lens camera will remain absent from Samsung Galaxy S9. In lieu of it, a software update is provided which is more or less S7 camera. There is no wording on the megapixels, but expectations are rife with wide apertures and the advanced features will be a feather in the cap on the new launch.

Though the makers have kept mum on the pricing of S9 and S9+, yet the expectations have touted the price to the tune of $720


• 5.8 or 6.1 in QHD with AMOLED display
• Display in fingerprint scanner
• Dual rear-faced camera
• Bixby Al assistant with a button
• Snapdragon 845 processor

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