Making use of cracking technique to customize features on software

To customize software features you can make use of cracking technique. This is one way that is used for making any modifications to the existing software functions.  Using this technique, you can disable or enable any feature you like. All features that are important can be enabled while others can be disabled. Most features are enabled when you use Activator for Windows 8.1 on your new PC.

Windows 8.1

Benefits of Cracking Software


There are numerous benefits of cracking a software for its features. One main benefit is that you can enable or disable features that copy protects the software. This will also enable or disable any features that are related to software manipulation including hardware key serial number, disk check features and data check features.

You can also alter other features including malware tracking and nag screen features. These will unnecessarily slow down the performance of your computer if not disabled. If you are only using your computer for checking emails and browsing then these features can be disabled.

Cracking tools


The process of cracking a software is termed as a crack in technical terms. This refers to making use of a tool or a serial number for manipulating the software. Some such tools that you can make use of are:-

1. Keygen – This is a type of tool that helps in generating a serial number. It is a hand built product that will create a serial number under your own name.

2. Patch – This is a type of coded program that is used to modify the machine language code that is used by some other program. The benefit of using this is that it will make use of small changes to offer big results.

3. Loader – This is a type of sequence that will change the startup sequence of a program. It will not alter the protection but will circumvent it.

A sequence that is used by gamers to make use of cheat codes in the gameplay is a type of a loader program. There are a number of programs including official Activator for Windows 8.1 that will not allow users to make use of loader sequences.

There are also a number of countries around the world that have strong regulations against distribution or making use of crack programs. So the moment you are using it you have to ensure that you have checked with the local country laws and regulations.  You may have to face a lawsuit for using one.

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