Enrich Your Home Interiors With Stunning Vintage Suzani Fabric

Suzani is a Persian word called as “needle,” and it refers to the fabric coverings or embroidered hangings. Suzani is normally a meter and a half wide length of 4-5′. This decorative silk or cotton fabric is available in the rectangular shape with the classic patterns. Suzani is derived from Uzbekistan, an area filled with Silk roads interconnected with the cultures of Turkey, China, and Europe with the Muslim world. Normally, the woven product has the appropriate dimensions of 3×2 m to 5×4 m which are usually called as the Panel. Suzani embroidery fabric decorative embroidery was done with using soft and smooth surface along with stunning cotton and silk threads on the cotton fabrics, silk fabrics or velvet. Suzani embroidery fabric is normally included with the Ikat fabric series. Suzani is normally characteristically stated as the 4 to 6 narrow strips of silk, cotton, or linen. Suzani fabric embroidered with personal touches that add charm and personality to work with the color scheme to the extent. Suzani fabric is known all through the eastern culture of embroidery as well as sewing. Alesouk online introduces the original suzani that can give you extensive decoration or gift to your home to the high extent.


Suzani Fabrics Online:

Suzani fabrics are considered as the most beautiful embroidery that you can’t take your eyes off. Handmade embroidery is good and original that gives you best class of collection to your home decoration to the high extent. Each of the patterns in the Suzani gives you the extensive look that has the close composition of the wide border with the central field. You can view the beautiful drawing with the symmetrically arranged small ornaments gives you much more the stunning look to the excellence. When you like to have the beautifully decorated Vintage suzani fabric, then here is your wonderful collection of fabrics that would give your home more stunning look. Normally, oriental embroidery has their own characteristics with the products and colors. Each of the products of Bukhara is quite different from the Fergana or Samarkand. The uniqueness of suzani is quite amazing and much more precisely available with wide variety of patterns with more combinations. Beautiful and fine hand embroidered suzani are available in a very good and much more enticing option which would easily bring you convenience. Improve the beauty of your home with having the stunning Vintage Suzani fabric decorative collection to the high extent. Suzani fabric is very good embroidered ornamental figures developing the details on large.

Embroidered Upholstery Fabrics:

People love to have the centuries-old traditions of stunning decorating clothes and homes. Suzani fabrics are created by skilled craftsmen and it becomes the finest embroideries in the East for centuries. People like to decorate their home with stunning and traditional embroideries and it would ultimately inspire their guests. Suzani is also considered as the best use upholstery for the wall decoration or furniture to the interiors with the curtains, hoodies, and draperies. Of course, you could easily find stunning Vintage suzani fabric with threads painted by skilled craftsmen representing styles of embroidery suzani.

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