The best in glass repair and replacement.

Vehicles have glass as it is easier for the driver to view through it. Glass will usually start to look dirty over time. It has to be protected from damage and deterioration. It is a very fragile material; it is easily prone to cracks and scratches. In case it is cracked or scratched it will obstruct the view of the driver, such problems can be fixed by professionals. During an accident the glass is usually the first to get affected and it eventually shatters if impacted upon too heavily.  In such cases it has to be replaced. Replacing requires precision from the side of the person fixing the replacement glass and the right tools have to be used. A professional place for this is the Don’s mobile glass and they do auto glass repair. They are adept in their skill. The DMG has been serving the Merced, CA for 17 years. They started the store in 1999.

Assets and quality.

They efficiently repair the glass that has been damaged and also replace it if needed. They genuinely care about safety and quality service. They have thousands of windshields, side and back glass in stock-85% of vehicles on the road. The glasses they stock are of very high quality and the adhesives they use are internationally known for good quality. They offer services like windshield replacement, windshield repair, crack repair, replacement windows and side window replacement; they also provide free mobile services. The staff here is excellently thorough in the techniques needed to do the services. They are certified auto technicians and classic car experts. In DMG the technicians employed have to take up an 8 week training in order to learn the techniques; they also need to complete a globally recognized Sika and DMG certification in order to be employed here. Technicians follow the following steps as a strategy to provide quality services.

  • Daily Supply & Quality Control Check
  • Customer Call Ahead
  • Vehicle Pre-Inspection
  • Clean & Inspect the Glass
  • Protect Vulnerable Areas of the Vehicle

Other special features.

The areas that are covered for service are Merced, Atwater, Los Banos, Madera, Mariposa, and Chowchilla. The tools they use are very state of art and precise. The safety of replacement has a lot to do with the quality of adhesives being used. Don’s mobile glass uses the adhesives from Sika which is the world’s leader in manufacturing the best glass adhesives. Sika originated in USA; it is one of the best in meeting all requirements concerning sealing and bonding in the glass industry. It is a very reliable brand which meets requirements and standards set by professional auto glass technician and the professional glazier. Needless to say that the best services can be availed here. Another amazing facility here is that there is also post vehicle inspection. This ensures that the installment functions well throughout usage period.

Website and team.

Don’s mobile glass offers services for three sectors they are automobiles, residential and commercial. They have stores in Modesto, Turlock, Manteca, Merced, Don’s tire and service. They have the corporate headquarters at Modest, CA. The official website gives all the information that is needed for the customer to know about the company from its whereabouts to the assets that it proudly holds. You can look it up to find out more about the services they provide and the areas they cover. The address and location of their stores with the maps and directions are well explained. The customer support allows people to clarify their doubts regarding the services or locations. The company has been a part of many events and tours. The manager Collin Walton is recognized as one of the best technicians. The services are done splendidly within a short notice of time. The cost is also very economic and the staff who do the job here, are qualified technicians. The company’s main motive is providing good customer satisfaction with high quality installations that are safe and trust worthy. The services from this company are very reliable and promising. The manager and the staff are an amazing team that assures the best quality replacement and repairs.


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